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‘Great Gifts & Puzzling Pastimes’™

Quality Games and Puzzles since 1991

Gemani Games,Bendi Cube Puzzle
Gemani Games,Tower of Hanoi positioning puzzle
Gemani Games,4 Leaf Clover Disentnglement/String Puzzle
Gemani Games, Chinese Chequers boxed with lid
Gemani Games,9 Pins Skittle  game
Gemani Games,Alpha Centauri 99 piece interlocking puzzle
Gemani Games, The henge 36 piece interlocking puzzle
Gemani Games, Koh-I-Noor 24 piece interlocking puzzle
Gemani Games, Puzzle Pooch Kumiki Puzzle
Gemani Games, Shut the Box  Game
Gemani Games, Labyrinth 18 Piece interlocking puzzle

Europe’s largest selection of Handmade Wooden Board and Table Games, Interlocking Mechanical Puzzles and Puzzle Cubes

Our Games include; Abalone, Chess, Dominoes (up to Double 15), Reversi (Othello), Shut the Box, Chinese Chequers, Jenga, 3D Noughts and Crosses, Go, Mahjong, Mancala, Agon or ‘Queen’s Guard’,  Tyrolean Roulette, Solitaire, 9 Pins, Backgammon, 9 Men’s Morris, Xiangqi (Chinese Chess), Shogi (Japanese Chess), Cribbage, Tower Building Games, including Jenga, Pick Up Sticks (Mikado or Spilikins) Cathedral, Four in a Line (Connect Four), Tock 6, Bagatelle, Bar Skittles and many many more …

Over 200 different Puzzles made from wood and wire. The range is so huge that we’ve had to divide them into 9 different catagories. Cubes, Interlocking, Tricks,     String/Disentaglement, Packing problems, Sliding block puzzles, Positioning Puzzles Mathematical Puzzles & Games and some that are simply very Strange. We’ve got puzzles from famous designers like Stewart Coffin, M. Oskar van Deventer and John Conway, classics like Tangram, Pentominoes, Soma Cube and the Tower of Hanoi as well as the well known Barrel Puzzle, The Bottle Lock and many many more.

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Gemani Games, Hoop - La- Puzzle
Gemani Games, Barricade, Race, Strategy Game
Gemani Games, Bottle Lock Puzzle
Gemani Games, Tangram, 14 Piece, 2 Layer Set
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