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TANGRAM 14 PIECE DOUBLE SET. # 803. £16.00

2 sets of Tangram in one box together with our own excellent booklet called ‘Tangram Tales’ that tells a story with over 80 different Tangram pictures that you can attempt for yourself. Foutunately the solutions ( if you need them! ) are given in the second half.
Tangram 14 piece puzzle and game

The World’s most amazing dissection puzzle game that is popular with both adults and children.

The 2 sets included in the box enable you to attempt to build some of the more difficult Tangram shapes or give the option to divide the sets between different players so that they can compete to see who can build a given shape in the least time

Don’t think of this as a jigsaw puzzle because an almost endless number of interesting figures can be created from the 7 tans. The only limiting factor is your own imagination.

Instructions and solutions included.Tangram 14 pice set closed box

Comes in a hardwood box with a folding lid.

Wood type -: Samanea.
Packaging -: Transparent PVC.

Dimensions 130 x 135 x 43 mm.
Weight 400 grams.

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