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Traffic Jam

#687       TRAFFIC JAM                                   £10.00
First prodced in the the 1920’s this puzzle comes with 14 different problems of varying difficulty making it suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

Sold Out

Haselgrove box

#676       HASELGROVE BOX                          £14.00
An unusual 3D type of  sliding block puzzle that calls upon the puzzler to ‘unlock’ the box and remove the central mechanism from the outside case. A very tactile object that once played with is very difficult to leave alone.


#688       CENTRE POINT PUZZLE                 £12.00
By sliding the pieces, one at a time & in the minimum number of moves rearrange them so that the square with the red dot in the centre is enclosed by the 4 ‘L’ shaped pieces

Golf Puzzle

#695       GOLF PUZZLE                                 £11.00
A sliding block puzzle that emulates a par 18 hole. The golfer must sucessfully negotiate a difficult course of water, trees and sand traps before they can sucessfully sink the ball.

14/15 Puzzle

#688       14/15 PUZZLE                                  £7.00
An .old favourite that seemingly defies all those who attempt it and yet still seems irresitable. Our version come complete with 2 further problems for you to attempt

Gridlock Travel

#689       GRIDLOCK TRAVEL                           £10.00
A pocketable, folding lidded version of a a puzzle first produced in the 1930’s. Comes complete with instructions for nine problems of varying difficulty. Ideal for long journeys.


#691     SHUNT IT                                         £11.00
In the minimum number of moves and using the turntable attempt to rearrange the pieces so that they are in the same colour sequence as that shown on one side of the track and then try to get them in the order show
n on the other side

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