Unique to Gemani Games our version of this traditional game often associated with pubs originated in fact originally in France and came to England via the Channel Islands. Our version comes with the rules for three other traditional dice games included and is ideal for travelling as the board is not only full size but enables you to keep the dice and rules safely enclosed inside.

For any number of players. Aged 6 years adult.
Shut the box

Each player has control of the board in turn. Throwing 2 dice they must then try to close as many of the boxes as possible. The player that scores the least is the winner.

An excellent choice for people of all ages, the folding board makes it great for traveling with the dice safely contained inside

Rules for 3 other dice games, Drop Dead, Yacht and Beetle as well as Shut the Box, are included.

Hardwood folding board with 5 wooden dice.Shut the box closed

Wood type -: Samanea. Packaging -: Transparent PVC

Dimensions, 297 x 240 x 16 mm. Weight, 420 grams.

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