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Shows and exhibitions 2018

Ever since we started in 1991 Gemaniís main outlets have been the Craft Shows and Exhibitions that we attend throughout the year all over the United Kingdom. Youíll  be able to  find some of the venues that we plan to attend during 2018 below shortly but more will be added during the coming months. Unforeseen circumstances can occur however, and whilst we do have confirmed bookings at all those shows that we list if you are considering traveling a long distance or making a special trip to visit us at any of the events please phone or e-mail us a few days before to make sure that nothing has happened to prevent us from attending.

If youíve ordered and prepaid for any goods and would like to collect them from us at any of the shows so saving on carriage costs then please let us know. Provided that we have enough room in our vehicles weíll do our very best to help but please understand that space is sometimes very limited and itís best to give us as much warning as you can. This applies particularly in the run up to Christmas when many of you may think of using this service.




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