SHOGI (JAPANESE CHESS).  # 036.  £35.00

Probably the most challenging and difficult of all variations of chess

For 2 players aged 7 years - adult.shogi-350

Two players, Sente (Black) and Gote (White), play on a board composed of squares in a grid of 9 ranks (rows) by 9 files (columns). The squares are undifferentiated by marking or color. The board is often made of rectangles; square boards, like ours, are uncommon but in no way affect the playing of the game.

Each player has a set of 20 square-shaped pieces. Pieces are differentiated color, red and black and the ideograms identify the characters. From the most to least powerful, the pieces are:

  • 1 king
  • 1 rook
  • 1 bishop
  • 2 gold generals
  • 2 silver generals
  • 2 knights
  • 2 lances
  • 9 pawns

First played in its present format in Japan in the sixteenth century, Shogi is unusual in that certain pieces may re-enter the board on the side of the opponent after they have been captured in much the same way as a mercenary might change sides during the fighting of a real war.

Instructions and rules included.

Wood type -: Samanea/Teak faced plywood.                   Packaging-: Shrinkwrap PVC.
Dimensions 155 x 305 x 50 mm.                                        Weight 900 grams.

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