REVERSI  # 030.  £14.00Reversi game

An exciting game of capture for 2 players.

Ages 6 years up.

Square board with a box/lid.

Trap your opponent’s pieces between your own and take possession.

Ownership can change many times in the course of a game but eventually one player will dominate.

7 mm playing pieces are painted at both ends, red/blue.

Instructions supplied.

Wood type -: Samanea

Packaging-: Transparent PVC.

Dimensions. 137 x 137 x 27 mm. Weight. 210 grams.


Invented in 1888 and originally played on a draughts (checkers) board, the game of Reversi has since served as the basis for one of the most popular 2 player board games ever produced, known as Othello and currently copyright of the American company MB Games Inc.


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