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To make it as easy as possible to find what you’re looking for you’ll find that we’ve divided the puzzle shop into nine different catagories. You’ll find a link to each shop given in the menu on the left and via a thumbnail picture of a typical puzzle below. Each reflects the type of puzzle that you may generally expect to find within that page. You’ll find a shopping basket alongside every item listed
If you want to know how we measure difficulty then please take a look at the page on
Puzzle Difficulty.

interlocking string/disentanglement cubes
packing problems sliding block puzzles positioning
Mathematical Puzzles & Games
strange stuff tricks

Prices given on the shop pages are in U.K. pounds and payments are collected in that currency. In order to assist our overseas customers to make  fair comparisons in a currency with which they are familiar we have added a  currency converter pop-up window link here, on the Ordering Information page and on the Items by Price page. Personal Currency Assistant™ Please remember, that because of currency fluctuations, even these figures may not be those that your credit/debit card provider will use when processing your payment.
To give you an idea of comparative size, each image includes a 1 Euro coin. For your information this is 23 mm or just under 1 inch in diameter.

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