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The Great Pyramid

#822       THE GREAT PYRAMID                     £25.00
An exceptionally difficult and very large, 35 ball, pyramid. Made up of nine completely differently shaped pieces, this puzzle first introduced in 2005,  is one of our most difficult to rebuild.

Tower of Hanoi

#793       TOWER OF HANOI                         £14.50
A mathamatical teaser originally invented by a Frenchman over 100 years ago and now often used in school maths lessons and management apptitude tests. A great gift that is sure to challenge everyone.

Bermuda Triangle

#828     BERMUDA TRIANGLE                        £12.00
Attempt to place the 16 wooden triangles within the triangular recess of the board so that the colours match those of the adjacent triangles and those marked on the edge of the board.


#794       DILEMMA                                           £7.00
A difficult colour colour combination puzzle where the puzzler must arrange the four different cubes in the frame so that one each of the four colours must appear in a row on all four  sides of the frame.  There are 2 extra puzzles included.

Dilemma micro

#804       DILEMMA MICRO                             £6.00
A smaller version of #794 that actually fits into the barrel of some Christmas crackers.

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Dilemma Keyring

#820       DILEMMA KEYRING                         £4.00
An even smaller minature keyring version of #794.

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#829    FIND THE ‘M’ PUZZLE                          £5.00
Using all seven pieces see if you can find a capital letter ‘M’.

#830    FIND THE ‘T’ PUZZLE                          £5.00
Using all six pieces see if you can find a capital letter ‘T’.

Double 6 Dice puzzle

#808       DOUBLE SIX DICE PUZZLE            £14.00
A dice with a difference. Made up of 9 ‘L’ shaped pieces this ddice forms the basis to two entirely different puzzles. It can be built both as a red and white spotted dice but the white version is much more difficult than the red. To be sucessful you’ll first have to discover why!

Magic Pyramid

#821       THE MAGIC PYRAMID                     £16.00
Constructed from just four pieces, you might be forgiven for thinking that this might be easy but be warned it’s not! A very unusual construction that’ll prove a real challenge for even the most aspiring tomb raider.

Pyramid  Complex puzzle

#795       PYRAMID COMPLEX                         £16.00
A difficult 20 ball, six piece pyramid puzzle that makes an attractive and challenging talking point. A more complicted version of #805.

Pyramid puzzle

#805       PYRAMID PUZZLE                            £14.00
An attractive and  moderately diffificult pyramid shaped puzzle assembled from six groups of balls.


#832       THE REVOLVING CENTURY            £17.00
An extremely good ‘family’ puzzle as suitable for children from 5 years upwards as it is for adults. The object is simple enough, just rotate and arrange the discs so that each line of numbers  from top to bottom totals 100.


#833     THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT    £16.00
An incredibly addictive puzzle that provides an excellent excuse for some light hearted mental arithmetic.


#835       NUMBER 1 CANADA SQUARE        £17.00
Based upon the famous London landmark at Canary Wharf, once dissembled let’s see how long it takes you to get to the top using mental effort rather than anything mechanical!


#831       THE TOWER BLOCK                         £12.00
The tower is built from 19 seperate pieces that you must first take apart and then attempt to rebuild without refering to the architect’s plan. This is an unusual and difficult construction puzzle.

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#809     SOLITAIRE                                         £14.00
A traditional handmade round board 210mm in diameter with glass marble playing pieces and solution included.

Solitaire, small

#815     SOLITAIRE                                         £ 7.50
A traditional round board with matching wooden ball playing pieces.

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Solitaire square

#796     SOLITAIRE & FOX & GEESE GAME  £14.00
A square board with a matching lid and wooden ball playing pieces.  Comes complete with the instructions for Fox and Geese.


#798     SOLITAIRE & FOX & GEESE GAME  £14.00
A square board with 10mm wooden peg playing pieces that in a moving vehicle (car, plane, bus etc.) are less likely to get lost than balls. Comes with a matching lid and instructions for the Fox & Geese game.

Mini solitaire

#800     MINI SOLITAIRE & FOX & GEESE    £7.00
4inch square, unlidded board with 7mm diameter playing pieces complete with instructions for the Fox and Geese game.

Amazin marble dice

#797       AMAZIN’ MARBLE DICE PUZZLE    £10.00
Attempt to release the glass marble trapped inside the dice. It’ll come out of the the number one hole but only if you’ve sucessfully managed to negotiate the maze that runs inside!  This is a very tactile and addictive puzzle that some people use as a desk tidy!


Dice Puzzle

#824       THE DICE PUZZLE                             £10.00
 The nine spotted rectangles will fit together to build a perfectly spotted die. The question is how many ways and how long will it take you, to find just one?


Tangram 14 piece puzzle

#803     TANGRAM 14 PC. PUZZLE & GAME  £16.00        The box which has a folding lid, holds two complete sets of Tangram and comes complete with our own excellent Tangram story book ‘TANGRAM TALES’ the solutions for which are given in the second half.

Tangram puzzle

#799       TANGRAM  7 PIECE SET                 £12.00
A single, 7 piece set of Tangram supplied in a wooden box with lid together with a copy of our ‘TANGRAM TALES’.


Tangram puzzle small

#800       TANGRAM 7 PIECE SET (SMALL)  £10.00
A smaller version of #799 with a lidded box and a copy of ‘TANGRAM TALES’.

Square Root, puzzle

#827       SQUARE ROOT PUZZLE                  £14.00
A very difficult puzzle, the pieces of which may be assembled into both 2D and 3D forms. Comes complete in a lidded box.

The  F puzzle

#813       THE ‘F’ PUZZLE                                £5.00
Using the 5 pieces supplied build them into a capital letter ‘F’.

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The H puzzle

#812       THE ‘H’ PUZZLE                                £5.00
Using the 6 pieces supplied build them into a capital letter ‘H’.  Used as a promotional aid by Hathaway’s bread and given away free with every loaf, it was invented over over a century ago and followed on from the famous ‘T’ puzzle, see # 810 above.

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The K puzzle

#814       THE ‘K’ PUZZLE                                £5.00
Using the 5 pieces supplied build them into a capital letter ‘K’.

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The T puzzle

#810       THE ‘T’ PUZZLE                                £5.00
Using the 4 pieces supplied build them into a capital letter ‘T’. This must be easy musn’t it? First used as an advertisement for Ceylon tea over 100 years ago this is a trully remarkable puzzle that can provide hours of frustrating fun.

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Red delta

#806       RED DELTA                                      £7.00
A solitaire type of puzzle, the objective which is to end up with just the one green piece remaining on the board at the top of the triangle. 4 inch unboxed square board with 7mm playing pieces.

Knight errant

#807       KNIGHT ERRANT                               £7.00
Using the L shaped ‘Knight’s’ move, as in a game of chess, swap the position of the 2 sets of pieces in the minimum number of moves possible.

7 Dials

#823     7 DIALS PUZZLE                              £12.00
Attempt to arrange thel 7 wooden discs within the large circular recess of the board so that the colours match those adjacent.

Perplexing pyramid

#801       PERPLEXING PYRAMID                    £4.00
A two piece pyramid that can prove surprisingly tiresome to those that have never seen it before. This makes a great introductory puzzle.

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#836     THE MISSING SQUARE PUZZLE       £14.00
A wooden tray, apparently full of differently shaped pieces but lying atop a small red square lies waiting to be added. Your task is to empty all the pieces out of the frame and then see if you can replace them all including the extra small square?
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Chessboard Puzzle

#826     CHESSBOARD PUZZLE                     £14.00
A very difficult puzzle that looks fine in the box but what happens if you empty the thirteen, differently shaped, pieces out? Will you ever find a way to get them back together so that the board is perfectly chequered, once more?

T Chest, Puzzle

#825   T CHEST PUZZLE                                 £10.00
Two square boards, back to back, one slightly smaller than the other. Attempt to arrange the 4 wooden letter T’s so that they fit flat into both different sizes without overlap or being stood upright. Four solutions possible for one side, just one for the other.

Pharos tomb

#811       PHARO’S TOMB                              £14.00
A foutteen piece four sided pyramid the rebuilding of which can have even the most experinced Egyptologist scratching their head! A pretty puzzle....difficult and attractive.

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