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Made to measure

#581       MADE TO MEASURE                         £14.00
A 17 piece packing problem invented by Professor John Conway. Correctly assembled the pieces present the same pattern on all 6 sides but to reach that point is no easy task and it needs lots of patience and plenty of time.

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#582       PENCIL  CASE                                  £12.00            Empty the 7 unsharpened ‘‘pencils’ from the box and see if you can ever get them all back in including an 8th piece that you’ll find sitting outside at the end of the wooden box

Hoffmans Sugar Lump

#583       HOFFMAN’S SUGAR LUMP              £14.00            27 identical blocks that are almost but not quite cubes assemble into one large cube. We dare you separate them and then give yourself the very diificult job of trying to find a way of cramming them back into the box! First profounded by Dean Hoffman at The University of Miami

25 Y puzzle cube

#584       THE 25 Y PUZZLE CUBE                 £14.00            Take 25 of the ‘Y’ pieces that you will find in a set of PENTACUBES and attempt to assemble them together into one large cube. This puzzle provides an excellent introduction to some of the more difficult packing problems.

Fourth Dimension

#585       FOURTH DIMENSION                      £14.00           A 5 x 5 x 2 unit chequered block made up of 10 dissimilarly shaped pieces. This Stewart Coffin design he calls ‘Unhappy Childhood’ is extremely difficult and not for beginners.


#592       JUST FIT                                            £17.00            A sixteen piece block in which every single piece has 2 faces cut at different angles. Extremely difficult this is a puzzle that will test the most experienced puzzler. A puzzle design by William Stijbos of the Netherlands. It was the winner of the prestigious Himiki Puzzle competition in Japan in 1990

25 N Puzzle

#589       THE 25 N PUZZLE CUBE                £14.00           Take 25 of the ‘N’ pieces that you will find in a set of PENTACUBES and attempt to assemble them together into one large cube. This is an exceptionally difficult puzzle with just four solutions.

Sold Out

Box room

#586       BOX ROOM                                      £14.00             An extremely difficult 18 piece cube that, once emptied from the box, the reassesmbly of which will test the packing abilities of the most experienced puzzler. A problem made famous by Professor John Conway, late of Cambridge and now Princeton University.

Crated 8

#587       CRATED 8                                          £14.00          A paradox in a box created by University of Glagow mathematician T. H. O’Beirne. There are 8 pieces packed inside an apparently already full box. Can you manage to find a way to squeeze in a 9th block and then close the lid?

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