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Looking for something special that’s Games or Puzzle related?
Well we’ve searched the internet and come up with a list of websites that may help you, good luck and have fun.

link to Puzzle Central

Link to Randy Rasa’s Puzzle Site

Live Cube The Puzzle Building Toy
link to

Link to

The Puzzle Wizards' Ring
This site belongs to
Roger Mustoe

The Online Guide to Traditional Games
Excelent site with history, rules and so much more by James Masters
Masters Traditional Games
James Masters shop with loads of those difficult to obtain items you thought that nobody made anymore and more rules
Board Game Central
Randy Rasa’s Games site, packed full of information, rules, background and interactive games to buy.
Roman Board Games
Quirky site but good fun and entertaining
The Games Cabinet
Monthly online games magazine with loads of info and help for gamers
Games Domain
BT’s PC and video games website but take care you can usually buy cheaper!
British Go Association
Website for British Go enthusiasts
American Go Association
Website for US Go fans
The World Xiangqi League
Chinese Chess website
Internet Chess Club
Play chess online
Mancala Rules
Rules for this great game
Brief background information and some rules
Mancala games
Online games and variants
Othello and Reversi programs
French site but in English language
The University of Alberta Games Group
Incredible site with lots of traditional games to play online in real-time.
Lil’ Games
Portal for free interactive games and software
Neaves Webgames
More web based games to play
Rocket Snail
Games to play from BC Canada
Original online games by Scott Kim

Mechanical Puzzles
The Burr Puzzle Site
Jurg von Kanel’s site and the best on the web for burr info. Anything you want to know about them it has it!
Puzzle World
John Rausch’s huge site with sections devoted to all types of puzzle
Puzzle Central
Randy’s Puzzle site
Directory of Puzzle Collectors
Joint project of Jerry Slocum and David Joyner to help fellow puzzle collectors network
CGN Puzzles
Can you make them yourself? This proves you can and well too!
Bill Cutler Puzzles
Bill’s puzzles are mainly made by Jerry McFarland and are true ‘works of art’.
Akio Kamei's world of Karakuri trick boxes
The real home of those ‘Chinese’ puzzle boxes is Japan!! This site a lot of which is in  English reveal the true beauty of Japanese craftmanship. The prices are equally amazing too!!!
Thorleif's SOMA page
The definitive site on the world’s second most popular cube
Multi national site but based in Holland with loads of info on this amazing set of pieces.
Poly pages
Nice Australian site with lots of info on polyforms including pentominoes and pentacubes
Livio Zucca’s Home page
Pentomino’s and so much more!
Puzzle Solver
Not sure that we should add this one as it isn’t something we really encourage.
Puzzle Will Be Played
Strange name, great site. From Japan but written in English. You have to drill down but there’s loads here.
Matti’s Puzzle Page
Large beautiful collection of puzzles of Finn, Matti Linkola.
Sliding Block Puzzles
Nick Baxter’s informative site on this well known type of puzzle
Mr Puzzle
Brian Young’s Queensland based puzzle emporium
Trevor Wood Puzzles
More like works of art, Prince Charles has some!
JvK Wood Puzzles
Wood interlocking puzzles
A Puzzlebox Page
Picture of boxes and loads of relevant links
History, examples and loads more
Interactive Tangram
Just don’t bother downloading the Chinese Text !
Making a Chinese Ring Puzzle
DIY version of a really great puzzle from Hong Kong
And how to solve it!
With pics thank goodness!
Puzzle Ring Solutions
Nice site based in Oregon but somthing wrong with the server?
Internet Store Links
Shop online for quality products and services
Juno’s World
Japanese Puzzle site full of useful information on 3D puzzles but you need to dig deep.
World Puzzle Federation
International organization dedicated to puzzles. Brings together puzzlers from around the world for the annual World Puzzle Championship
Gatherings For Gardner
Online puzzles to try, book store and loads of stuff with a mathematical bent, illusions and mazes.
Twisty Puzzles
The web's most complete collection of twisty puzzles including the ‘you know what cube’.
Puzzle Passion
Puzzle collection of Marcel van Leeuwen
The Ultimate Puzzle Site
The good idea of 3 Durtch students, Great puzzles, riddles and jokes
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
So you thought maths was dull? Take a look here, it might change your mind.
Magic Squares, Magic Stars and Other Patterns
Of interest to middle and high school students and teachers, and anyone interested in recreational mathematics.
The Knott Plot Site
Knots and knotty problems!
Massive site full of mathematical puzzles, info and links
Maths Net
Help wih homework? And real fun too!
Interactive site helping to bring science to all by way of involvement
Steven H Cullinane’s Home Page
Personal website containing a number of mathematically based puzzles
Mensa International
forum for intellectual exchange among members
Click Mazes
Andrea Gilbert’s maze site. Not quite sliding block but you can see the similarity.
Puzzle Beast
Computer generated puzzles
Nicely made puzzles from a Massachusetts based store.
Leonid Mochalov’s Puzzle site
A talented Russian Puzzle creator.


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