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#141       LABYRINTH                                     £25.00
An exceptionally complicated 18 piece ‘non ideal’ interlocking burr puzzle. It can take weeks, months or even years to get it back together again.


#129       VEGA                                                £14.00
A 19 piece ‘star’ puzzle of intermediate difficulty.

Gemani games, Alpha centauri

#131       ALPHA CENTAURI                            £45.00 
A giant 99 piece ‘star’ burr puzzle of great difficulty and beauty that makes a very attractive ornamental talking point. Complete with display base.

Ball Game

#166       BALL GAME                                         £11.00 
A very attractive six piece burr puzzle, that’s not too difficult, to build
into a ball.


#132       CAGE PUZZLE                                     £14.00
A 24 piece puzzle in which the pieces are all identical and which assembled together forms a cage that holds a wooden ball that you must attempt to release.  Once separated into pieces you must then attempt to rebiuld it but we warn you this may prove tantalysingly difficult.


#188       EXPOSURE PUZZLE                         £17.00
An extremely diffificult 7 piece award winning puzzle based on a design by  Ronald Kint-Bruynseels and Eric Fuller. Release a squared cube trapped within a very difficult 6 piece cage that must be first dissembled and then rebuilt


#140       LOGJAM                                            £15.00
An eighteen piece jam of timber that can prove tantalysingly difficult to rebuild. Having five hands might help, if you can remember what it first looked like.


160      BEER BARREL                                    £12.00
What, driven to drink? This beautiful 12 piece classic can prove a real test for those with a thirst for a challenge!



187      WALLED IN BURR PUZZLE              £14.00
A three piece burr puzzle enclosed in a wooden cage. Attempt to disemble the burr and then see if you can ever rebuild it without refering to the the solution.



#142       THE HENGE                                       £45.00
A 36 piece giant mechanical Altekruse puzzle and one of the most difficult and beautiful that we sell. Supplied complete with display stand.


#189       SOLAR SYSTEM                                            £45.00
A giant and very beautiful 36 piece puzzle that encloses 7 planets represented by large balls. The object is to to completely dismantle the construction, remove the planets and then attempt to rebuild the system.


#143       ONYX                                                £7.00
A difficult minature mechanical  Altekruse puzzle made up of 12 identical pieces.

Boxed Burr

#167       BOXED BURR                                    £13.00
Attempt to remove the 4 pieces from the box and then replace them.
Unlike conventional ‘burr’ puzzles, the box prevents the puzzler seeing
the inner workings, making this design, based on an idea from Japan, a
lot more difficult than normal.

Little gem

#144       LITTLE GEM                                     £7.00
A beautiful minature version of one of the most attractive puzzle designs known, 6 pieces ‘locked’ together into a wooden star.

Exploding burr

#145       EXPLODING BURR                            £17.00
An unusual 6 piece ‘burr’ puzzle that tends to ‘explode’ apart unless you’re carefull how you pick it up. Supplied complete with display stand. A real brain teaser.


#174       HARLECH PUZZLE                           £7.00
A beautiful minature twelve piece cage puzzle enclosing a small wooden ball. The object is to dissemble the cage free the ball and then rebuild it without refering to the solution


#161       BANBURY CROSS                             £14.00
An superbly made, beautiful and very difficult, minature,  multi-piece
puzzle, suitable for the more experienced.


#185     DIE IN PRISON                                   £17.00
An extremely diffificult 7 piece award winning puzzle designed by  . Ronald Kint-Bruynseels and Eric Fuller. Release a squared cube trapped within a very difficult 6 piece cage that must be first dissembled and then rebuilt.

White mischief

#147       WHITE MISCHIEF                            £15.00
One of the most difficult 6 piece ‘burr’ puzzle designs known, this one needs no less than 9 moves to release the first piece and a further 3 to release the second. Not for beginners.


#130       SIRIUS                                              £25.00
A very difficult 51 piece interlocking ‘star’ puzzle the disassembly of which starts with a single key. Supplied with display base.



 #153       LINCOLN GAOL                                £18.00                   An An extremely difficult 6 piece cube puzzle, every piece of which is completely different. Take it apart and attempt to put it back together but we warn you that 5 pieces need to be moved before the first piece can be removed and the real problem comes when you attempt to reassemble it.


Tumble cross

#133       TUMBLE CROSS                               £16.00
A 14 piece ‘Altekruse’ puzzle the pieces of which can be reassembled two different ways. The second, that needs just 12 of the pieces, is probably the more difficult.

Mum's Layer Cake

#162       MUM’S LAYER CAKE                         £9.00
An unusual puzzle made from four differently shaped and colour
co-ordinated pieces, it has just one solution.

Sold Out

Puzzle pooch

#134       PUZZLE POOCH                                  £11.00
Go on give the dog a home! A novelty puzzle pooch with a pedigree problem. Take him apart and then return him to his loving owner, hopefully in one piece! Fun kumiki Puzzle


#170       PISTOL PUZZLE                                   £11.00
Let’s see how long it takes you to strip this gun down and then rebuild it! A fun kumiki puzzle that packs quite a punch, supplied without separate ammunition.


#177     HELICOPTER PUZZLE                        £17.00
An exciting end to to a busy day our kumiki Helicopter puzzle will have you lifted up and away to safety in double quick time just so long as you know where all the pieces must go.

Plane crazy

#135       PLANE CRAZY                                   £12.00
OK chocks away! But can you return it to the ground again in one piece. A low cost puzzle plane for fellow ‘Biggles’ fans. Fun kumiki Puzzle


#172       PUZZLE PIG                                      £12.00
Take him apart and attempt to put him back together but we warn you this kumiki ‘porker’ is no easy animal and he may well have you scratching your head long before you bring home the bacon.


#182       BIRDS NEST                                    £16.00
Details to follow.

Double Bill

#136       DOUBLE BILL                                   £15.00
Seven pieces in one box, providing just enough parts to build two of the most difficult ‘ideal’ 6 piece ‘burr’ puzzles known. Supplied assembled in the easier of the 2 puzzles this boxed set is sufficiently testing to stretch even the most experienced.
A tribute to Bill Cutler

Rough diamond

#138       ROUGH DIAMOND                           £13.00
A superb example of one of the most intriguing puzzle designs known. Easy enough to separate, it may help if you’re ambidextrous when you come to reassembling it.


#139       CITADEL                                       £16.00
A very difficult seven piece, serially interlocking, cube, designed by Stewart Coffin (he named it ‘Convolution’) this is a satisfying puzzle and is extremely tactile when handled.


#148       MATCHBOX                                        £19.00
Designed by M. Oskar van Deventer, this unusual puzzle is made up of five different pieces that must be assembled together into one solid object any one of three different ways. Supplied unassembled.


#173       POLAR PUZZLE                                  £11.00
Two halves make a whole. All you have to do is to simply separate the halves(without destroying the puzzle!) and then put them back together again! Simple isn’t it? Or maybe not!.

Gemani games, Cappuchino

#149       CAPPUCHINO                                  £14.00
Unlucky for some! A thirteen piece ‘ideal’ burr that can prove testingly difficult to rebuild once the puzzle has been separated.


#181       JAMB SANDWICH                           £17.00
Extremely difficult, full details to follow!.


#150       BY-JINGO!                                       £18.00
A handy sized version of one of the most difficult interlocking puzzles known. Now even more testing because of its smaller size. Ideal for those wanting the ultimate mechanical challenge to take away on holiday or to attempt on a flight ‘down under’


#171       3’S COMPANY                                 £12.00
An extremely difficult interlocking puzzle made from just three pieces. Requiring a multitude of moves before you can remove just the first The real test of course lies in the reassembly when you’ve finally managed to separate it, a task that will test the most experienced of puzzlers

Cluster buster

#151       CLUSTER BUSTER                            £7.00
Six pieces of timber ‘locked’ together, all we ask you do do is to take it apart and then rebuild it! Oh and no it’s not glued!


#184       WINDOW PAIN                                 £14.00
A 3 piece interlocking cage that is surprisingly difficult despite the limited number of pieces. Attempt to take it apart and rebuild it


#152       TANGLEWOOD                                  £25.00
A tangle of 15 wooden sticks that the puzzler must first separate and then reassemble before the finished puzzle can then be returned to its display stand.


#153       DEADLOCK                                        £15.00
A very difficult 6 piece burr puzzle requiring 5 moves to release the first piece.

Spaghetti junction

#154       SPAGHETTI JUNCTION                    £11.00
A 12 piece puzzle of traditional design. Over the years this puzzle design has appeared in many guises. Whatever shape it comes in though, the difficulty remains.

Box puzzle

#155       BOX PUZZLE                                    £16.00
A 12 piece puzzle that is easy enough to separate but that can prove tantalysingly difficult to rebuild.


#146       COLOSSUS                                        £25.00
An extremely difficult 33 piece ‘giant’ ideal burr.


#901       KOH-I-NOOR    (S)                            £15.00
A very difficult 24 piece wooden jewel. A smaller but no less difficult version of # 137 this is one of our most attractive puzzles.



#137       KOH-I-NOOR    (L)                            £25.00
A very difficult 24 piece wooden jewel. Supplied with a display base this is one of our most attractive and popular puzzles.



#156       GLOBE                                                   £11.00
An unusual 6 piece ‘globe’puzzle. Lets see how many times you need to go round the world before you reach your final destination.



#180       GREAT FOOTBALL                              £45.00
A difficult and extremely beautiful multi-piece football ornament. More like a construction kit made up of 32 pentagonal pieces pinned together with wooden rods than an intersecting puzzle. Have you the courage to dismantle it & then attempt to put it back together?                  



#157       GALAXY                                              £24.00
A difficult and beautiful multi-piece construction enclosing a giant wooden nucleus. More like a construction kit without a plan than a conventional interlocking puzzle.



#158       HEDGEHOG                                        £14.00
A thorny problem! Taking it apart is easy but it’s a lot more difficult o return it to it’s original prickly state.



#159       GOLIATH                                             £15.00
A very difficult puzzle requiring patience and spatial awareness. A good memory comes in handy too!

 Sold Out                  


#164       HEXAGON PUZZLE                            £16.00
Details to follow


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