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To give you an idea of comparative size, each image includes a 1 Euro coin. For your information this is 23 mm or just under 1 inch in diameter.

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#033       ABALONE(Game of the Decade)       £45.00
A game for 2 players beautifully made with finely machined hardwood board and ceramic playing pieces. The object is to be the first player to push six of your opponent’s ‘marbles’ off the board. Amazingly addictive and voted ‘game of the decade’ by one organization in Europe, it has been likened to ‘Sumo wrestling with marbles’.
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#001A      BARRICADE (Malefiz)                          £18.00
An exciting race game for 2-4 players, Barricade comes originally from Germany. Ball playing pieces

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#001B      BARRICADE (Malefiz)                          £16.00
An exciting race game for 2-4 players, Barricade comes originally from Germany. Peg playing pieces

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Backgammon 14 x 14

We sell four different sizes of Backgammon set and one combination Backgammon/Chess/Draughts set. To go to the correct page please click  the photograph.  

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#061       CATHERDRAL                                        £37.00
The game of the mediaeval city that takes moments to learn, years to master. One of the best 2 player games around.

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chess set 18 x 18

We sell a large range of chess sets, boards and chess pieces, all at very competative prices. To go to the correct page please click the photograph.

Chinese chequers folding

#003      CHINESE CHEQUERS (FOLDING)       £18.00
A larger folding board version of the game above. The playing pieces can all be safely stored inside.

Picture to follow shortly

#005B      CRIBBAGE BOARD (small folding) £14.00
A smaller folding board, including scoring pegs that may be stored safely inside together with an unboxed pack of Waddington’s  playing cards that are suppied with separate cardboard box

Cribbage board folding

#004       CRIBBAGE BOARD (FOLDING)          £18.00
A beautiful folding board that contains both scoring pegs and a set of high quality pack of Waddington’s playing cards.

Chinese chess 30 mm pieces

#006       CHINESE CHESS (30 mm Pieces)      £16.00
An exciting and fast moving game of strategy for 2 players, also known as Xiangqi.The object is to capture the opposing General (checkmate) or to immobilize (stalemate) the enemy army.

Chinese chess 33 mm pieces

#007       CHINESE CHESS (33 mm Pieces)    £17.00
Slightly larger version of Chinese Chess or Xiangqi. Both Xiangqi come with a cloth board and a lidded box to hold the pieces

Dice high

#008       DICE HIGH                                           £17.00
A balancing game involving skill, tactics and luck. Great for parties and suitable for 2- 6 players.

Dominoes double 6

#009       DOMINO (DOUBLE 6 SET)             £16.00
A beautiful version of this traditional family game, for 2 – 4 players. A full size set in a hardwood box with a lid.

Dominoes double 9

#010     DOMINO (DOUBLE 9 SET)             £26.00
A beautiful 56 piece version of this traditional family game, for 2 – 8 players.

#060     DOMINO (DOUBLE 12 SET)            £36.00
Well you kept asking for it! Entirely handmade in a hardwood box with a separate lid. With no less than 112 pieces this set is aimed at more experienced/serious players.


#061     DOMINO (DOUBLE 15 SET)            £46.00
 Our largest set enabling up to 8 players to play ‘Super Dominoes’ and ‘Double Take’ games . Entirely handmade in a hardwood box with separate lid. With no less than 136 pieces this set is aimed at more experienced/serious players and is very heavy.
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#039       HEXOMINOES                              £45.00
A domino game viewed through a completely different angle. Extremely addictive and bringing an excellent variation to an old family standby.

First to the top

#012       FIRST TO THE TOP                              £17.00
A positioning game of strategy for 2 players. The winner is the person who places the last ball on the summit.

Four in a line

#013       FOUR IN A LINE                                    £17.00
A wooden version of a world favourite, for 2 players. The winner is the first person who manages to place four of their playing pieces in a straight line.


#014       GO                                                          £35.00
The World’s foremost game of strategy. The handmade folding board contains a hardwood box of 361 Go ‘stones’.


#015       MAHJONG                                           £65.00
A beautiful 136 piece version of this classic, Chinese domino, Mahjong game. Hand-painted wooden tiles.


#016       MANCALA (a.k.a. Wari, Kalaha...)    £18.00
An arithmetic strategy game, Mancala came originally from Africa. A game for 2 players, the object is to win more playing pieces than your opponent.


#040 MINI MANCALA (a.k.a. Wari, Kalaha...)£12.00
An arithmetic strategy game, Mancala came originally from Africa. A game for 2 players, the object is to win more playing pieces than your opponent.

Mini draughts

#017       MINI DRAUGHTS                                   £7.00
Traditional game of capture, for 2 players. Attempt to remove your opponent’s pieces from the board.

Mini halma

#018       MINI HALMA                                          £7.00
A race game similar to Chinese Chequers for 2 players. The winner is the first to transfer all their pieces from one corner to the corner opposite.

9 Men's morris

#039       SURAKATA GAME         £14.00
A strategy game for 2 players originally from Indonesia with an unusual and unique method of capture.  A game is won when a player captures all 12 of his opponent's pieces

9 Men's morris

#020       9 MEN’S MORRIS (MERRELLES)          £11.00
A game of strength and strategy first played over 3000 years ago for 2 players. Form ‘mills’ and try to remove your opponent’s pieces from the board.


#019       NINEPINS                                              £17.00
Miniature version of bar skittles, a well known traditional game for any number of players. Each player attempts to knock over as many pins as possible in one strike.


#802       PENTACUBES (GAME & PUZZLE)        £15.00
An excellent teaching aid. Packing problems, constructional puzzles and games, they can all be played with this amazing set of solids.

Pentox strategy game

#021       PENTOX STRATEGY GAME                  £17.00
For 2 players. Get 5 pieces of your own colour into a row before your opponent. Try imagining XO (noughts and crosses) but the pieces keep moving!

Pick-up sticks

#022       PICK-UP STICKS (MIKADO)               £7.00
A very popular traditional family game of fun; great for parties. For any number of players. Each player must attempt in turn to release as many of the sticks as possible from a pile without disturbing the ones surrounding it.

Pick-up sticks unboxed

#028       PICK-UP STICKS (UNBOXED)            £4.00
Unboxed version of above but packed in a clear plastic tube.


#036       SHOGI (JAPANESE CHESS)                £35.00
Probably the most complicated and interesting of all chess variants Captured pieces can be re-entered onto the board playing for the opposing side, making drawn games almost unknown
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Shut the box

#023       SHUT THE BOX & OTHER GAMES      £19.00
Our unique and very special folding version of a dice game for any number of players, that came to England via the Channel Islands. Each player has control of the board in turn. Throwing 2 dice they must then try to shut as many of the boxes as they can in an attempt to end up with the lowest score. The rules for 3 additional dice games are included making this a firm family favourite.

We sell five different types of solitaire board all of which come complete with instructions for a game for 2 players called, Fox & Geese. To buy, please click on the picture on the left and then follow the image links for further details.

Steeplejack classic

#024       STEEPLEJACK CLASSIC                       £14.00
The classic tower building game. Is this the most widely played game today? If so, this is probably the best quality tabletop version available. 21 stories tall it comes complete with a wooden box with a sliding base.



#062       STEEPLEJACK                                         £12.00
Incredibe value! 18 stories tall, complete in a wooden box with a sliding base.

jenga truth or dare

#059       JENGA™, TRUTH OR DARE?                          £11.00
A new version of the market leader, Jenga. 18 storeys tall the blocks are marked with different tasks that you must follow if you’re to stay in the game

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#039       SUDOKU                                                          £17.00
A new, larger and much improved version of this extremely popular game that enables the player to attempt any Sudoku Puzzle without the chore of all that rubbing out. 

Steeplejacl giant

#025       STEEPLEJACK GIANT                           £7.00
This 18 storey version of our tower building game is made up of 54 blocks each 20 mm thick. Supplied with PVC sleeve former. Instructions included.

Steeplejack jumbo

#026       STEEPLEJACK JUMBO                         £15.00
A jumbo sized version of the world famous tower building game. 18 storeys tall it’s made up of 54 blocks each 25 mm thick.

Sold Out

Tangram 14 piece

#803       TANGRAM 14 PIECE GAME                 £15.00
2 sets of Tangram in one box. The World’s most amazing dissection puzzle game, great for adults and children alike.


#027       TRIDOMINOES                                     £24.00
It’s a bit like dominoes but some people think more  interesting. You can increase your score considerably by building bridges. This is an excellent family game.

3D Four in a line

#029       3D FOUR IN A LINE                             £24.00
A three dimensional 4 x 4 x 4  challenging game of tactics strategy and observation. Complete with lidded box.


#037       TYROLEAN ROULETTE                         £25.00
An exciting game of chance for any number of players, also known as “spinning top roulette”. You play by placing all the wooden balls in the centre and then spinning the top which knocks the balls into the holes. First person to 1000 points wins.

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#030       REVERSI                                               £14.00
An exciting game of capture for 2 players ages 6 years up, Reversi was invented over 100 years ago. Square board with a box/lid. Trap your opponent’s pieces between your own and take possession.

3D Noughts and crosses

#031       3D NOUGHTS AND CROSSES (XO)     £11.00
A three dimensional unlidded version of the well known and ever popular 2 player noughts and crosses game that is attractive enough to be left out as an ornament and offers great value.

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