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DIABALO PUZZLE™. # 382. 25.00

A simple chequerboard cube?diabalo42

An exceptionally difficult puzzle cube assembled from twenty five of the Y shaped piece found in a set of pentominoes. If the difficulty assembling them was just limited to the mere shape then that would make this puzzle difficult enough but in this case the pieces are randomly chequered black and white making this a real test of skill and determination.

Aimed at the older and more experienced of puzzlers it never the less temps even younger members of the family to have a go and the pieces are large and chunky enough to appeal anybody over the age of five years upwards.

Difficulty -: 5.

Instructions included. Solution available.

Wood type -: Samanea/Parawood. Packaging -: Transparent PVC.

Dimensions 115 x 115 x 115 mm. Weight 900 grams.

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