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BENDI PUZZLE™. # 374. £7.00Gemani games, bendi puzzle

A simple chequerboard cube?

Well not quite, unravelling reveals a complicated irregular construction that can prove teasingly difficult to get back into the original shape.

One of the most popular puzzles that we sell and very hard to describe except to say that itís the most addictive plaything that many people have ever seen. Even if youíve done it once you canít easily remember the solution and itís so tactile that you soon canít stop playing with it. An instant hit with people of all ages.

Difficulty -: 3.

Instructions included. Solution available.

Wood type -: Samanea/Parawood. Packaging -: Transparent PVC.

Dimensions 60 x 60 x 60 mm. Weight 120 grams.
Bendi exploded

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