BARRICADE ball playing pieces. # 001A 18.00


An exciting race game involving tactics and luck, originally from Germany.

For 2 - 4 players aged 7 years - adult.

The winner is the first player to get all their pieces into a home field, marked in white, at the opposite end of the board from the coloured start fields. The skill comes in successfully using the barricades (white playing pieces that you can win) to hinder the progress of your opponents along the track and stopping them getting there before you do.

Instructions and rules are included together with a number of spare playing pieces.

The hollow board folds up and holds the coloured wooden ball playing pieces and die for safe keeping as well as making it easy to carry.

Wood type -: Samanea. Packaging -: Transparent PVC.

Dimensions when open 270 x 256 x 15 mm. Weight 530 grams.

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