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Hot Cross

#690       HOT CROSS                                       £10.00
All you have to do is to separate the two pieces of wood. Yes you can fluke it but if you do you may have trouble putting it back again! Try using one hand and a flat surface!

Bottle Lock

#693       BOTTLELOCK                                £18.00

A sobering thought for those desperate for a drink and a great present for a party. A puzzle that can be used to ‘lock up’ most wine and spirit bottles and sure to be a real winner at Christmas.

Treasure Chest

#691        TREASURE CHEST                            £11.00
Booty from the ‘New World’. Inside our little box lies a genuine US dollar. The problem is how do you ever get inside and no you don’t need a hammer or a saw!

#692       THE BUTTON HOLE                         £1.00
Ever wondered where the expression ‘to buttonhole’ sombody comes from? Well here it is, another Sam Lloyd legend, Pop it on some unsuspecting person’s lapel and watch them squirm!


#689             HUI MACHINE                            £5.00                     For information and explanation  of this fantastic toy click below

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