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Each puzzle is graded for difficulty 1- 6. Our guide assumes the puzzler is an adult of average ability and you should adjust for age and experience in solving puzzles accordingly.

The easiest are categorized as 1, the most difficult 6. The system isnít perfect but provides a good guide to the relative hardness of the task involved.

We use a number of things to help us decide how difficult a puzzle is. We ask our customers and listen to what they say. To us, that seems the best starting point. There are however inevitably a number of weakness in this method. First, what one person finds difficult another may find to be quite simple. Puzzles are like many things, the more practice you have, the better you tend to become at solving them and whilst one person may be good at string puzzles they may find interlocking puzzles very difficult. A less subjective approach is to count the number of pieces and number of possible positions that they can occupy. We then count the number of actual solutions and apparent false solutions and attempt to assess the relative dexterity that is needed to complete the puzzle. All of these things and more help us to come to a decision.

We occasionally decide to re-grade puzzles on the basis of customer feedback. Please send us your opinions; we value your assistance and it helps everyone.

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