MINI MANCALA. (a.k.a. WARI, KALAHA and others). # 040.  £12.00

An arithmetic strategy game, originally from Africa.mancala-35

For 2 players aged 7 years - adult..

The object is to win more playing pieces than your opponent.

This is one of the most popular games ever invented. Itís played throughout Africa and Asia and the Caribbean. Quickly gaining converts from every corner of the world due to itís inclusion on the games menu of some mobile phones. Playing the real thing is much more fun though as nothing can reproduce the tactile nature of handling the stone pebbles

Folding board with contrasting stone or marble playing pieces.

The rules for playing are included.

Wood type -: Samanea. Stone or glass marble playing pieces.
Packaging -: Transparent PVC.

Dimensions 78 x 328 x 16 mm. Weight 240 grams.


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