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#037       TYROLEAN ROULETTE                         £25.00
An exciting game of chance for any number of players, also known as “spinning top roulette”. You play by placing all the wooden balls in the centre and then spinning the top which knocks the balls into the holes. First person to 1000 points wins.

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#371       SOMA CUBE PUZZLE                      £14.00
Invented over 50 years ago by the famous Danish poet and scientist Piet Hein, the seven pieces of this cube can form the basis of literally thousands of three dimensional forms. An excellent introduction to both constructional puzzles and packing problems.


#372       MINI SOMA CUBE PUZZLE             £10.00
A smaller version of # 371 but like it’s big brother comes encased in box/lid and supplied with a comprehensive diagramatic selection of starter puzzles to be attempted.


#382       DIABOLO PUZZLE CUBE               £25.00
An extremely difficult 25 piece cube. Comes complete with a stand that doubles as a case so that the pieces may be stored whilst making an attractive ‘puzzling’ ornament


#589       THE 25 N PUZZLE CUBE                £14.00              25 25 of the ‘N’ pieces that you will find in a set of PENTACUBES brought together into one large cube. This puzzle that has only four solutions, once dissembled, is extremely difficult to solve. Box/lid.
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#824       THE DICE PUZZLE                             £10.00
The nine spotted rectangles will fit together to build a perfectly spotted die. The question is how many ways and how long will it take you, to find just one?



#581       MADE TO MEASURE                         £14.00
A 17 piece packing problem invented by Professor John Conway. Correctly assembled the pieces present the same pattern on all 6 sides but to reach that point is no easy task and it needs lots of patience and plenty of time.


#023       SHUT THE BOX & OTHER GAMES      £19.00
For any number of players. Each player has control of the board in turn. Throwing 2 dice they must then try to shut as many of the boxes as they can in an attempt to end up with the lowest score. The rules for 3 additional dice games are included making this a firm family favourite.


#586       BOX ROOM                                      £14.00             An extremely difficult 18 piece cube that, once emptied from the box, the reassesmbly of which will test the packing abilities of the most experienced puzzler.  A problem made famous by Professor John Conway, late of Cambridge and now Princeton University.


#584       THE 25 Y PUZZLE CUBE                 £14.00                Take 25 of the ‘Y’ pieces that you will find in a set of PENTACUBES and attempt to assemble them together into one large cube. This puzzle provides an excellent introduction to some of the more difficult packing problems.


#587       CRATED 8                                          £14.00                A paradox in a box created by University of Glasgow mathematician T. H. O’Beirne. There are 8 pieces packed inside an apparently already full box. Can you manage to find a way to squeeze in a 9th block and then close the lid?


#688       14/15 PUZZLE                                  £7.00
An old favourite that seemingly defies all those who attempt it and yet still seems irresistible. Our version come complete with 2 further problems for you to attempt


#793       TOWER OF HANOI                         £14.50
A mathamatical teaser originally invented by a Frenchman over 100 years ago and now often used in school maths lessons and management apptitude tests. A great gift that is sure to challenge everyone.


#803     TANGRAM 14 PC. PUZZLE & GAME  £15.00          The box which has a folding lid, holds two complete sets of Tangram and comes complete with our own excellent Tangram story book ‘TANGRAM TALES’ the solutions for which are given in the second half.


#799       TANGRAM  7 PIECE SET                 £11.00
A single, 7 piece set of Tangram supplied in a wooden box with lid together with a copy of our ‘TANGRAM TALES’.



#800       TANGRAM 7 PIECE SET (SMALL)  £9.00
A smaller version of #799 with a lidded box and a copy of ‘TANGRAM TALES’.


#832       THE REVOLVING CENTURY           £17.00
Align the 6 discs so that the 6 numbers marked on each disc when aligned from top to bottom in a straight line add up to 100. This is an extremely difficult puzzle with only one solution.


#822       THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT   £16.00
Designed after the famous American monument that stands exactly 555 feet high the object is to attempt to align the 10 cubes that the numbers on each of the 4 sides adds up to 555. A great family favourite and very addictive.


#808       DOUBLE SIX DICE PUZZLE            £14.00
A dice with a difference. Made up of 9 ‘L’ shaped pieces this ddice forms the basis to two entirely different puzzles. It can be built both as a red and white spotted dice but the white version is much more difficult than the red. To be sucessful you’ll first have to discover why!


#038       SUDOKU                                                          £17.00
A new, larger and much improved version of this extremely popular game that enables the player to attempt any Sudoku Puzzle without the chore of all that rubbing out and stop and continue at any time. 


#014       GO                                                          £35.00
The World’s foremost game of strategy. The handmade folding board contains a hardwood box of 361 Go ‘stones’.


#036       SHOGI (JAPANESE CHESS)                £35.00
Probably the most complicated and interesting of all chess variants Captured pieces can be re-entered onto the board playing for the opposing side, making drawn games almost unknown
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#802       PENTACUBES (GAME & PUZZLE)        £15.00
An excellent teaching aid. Packing problems, constructional puzzles and games, they can all be played with this amazing set of solids.


#007       CHINESE CHESS (33 mm Pieces)    £17.00
Slightly larger version of Chinese Chess or Xiangqi. Both Xiangqi come with a cloth board and a lidded box to hold the pieces


#006       CHINESE CHESS (30 mm Pieces)      £16.00
An exciting and fast moving game of strategy for 2 players, also known as Xiangqi.The object is to capture the opposing General (checkmate) or to immobilize (stalemate) the enemy army.

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