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The game of the mediaeval city. Takes moments to learn, years to master and is amazingly addictive.Cathedral

For 2 players aged 8 years - adult.

The object of the game is to erect as many buildings as possible. You do that by placing them on the board dominated by the Cathedral, a sanctuary that belongs to neither player. If you manage to surround your opponent’s building, then you are allowed to remove it from the board and the space can then be redeveloped. Because the pieces are of irregular shape, it becomes quite a puzzle to avoid spaces becoming permanently empty. Play continues until each person places as many of their pieces as possible on the board. The winner is the one whose remaning pieces, would occupy the least area.

Instructions and rules included.

Square board with 2 sets of playing pieces, one dark, one light.

Wood type -: Parawood. Packaging-: Cardboard box.

Dimensions 235 x 235 x 65 mm. Weight 1250 grams.
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